Dating fingerprint cases

Nearly 200 other bodies across the country have been identified through the FBI effort. Ryland Croutch, the identification of the victim as 18-year-old Angel Mc Allister, through a match with an earlier smudged print, was a relief.He'd been assigned to the killing only a few years after starting his job with the Yuma County sheriff's office, and as the years passed had promised himself that he'd discover her identity before retiring.About 40 percent of the identifications through the FBI's new process have been cases in Arizona.Most are people who died while attempting to make the dangerous desert crossing from Mexico.Bruce Anderson, the forensic anthropologist for Pima County, Arizona, keeps more than 1,000 unidentified person charts filed along his office wall."If you can remove one of these charts, have one family reach out to you to confirm an identity, some of that weight on us is removed," Anderson said.

"We're really proud that we found another way of doing this." Under the new program, Johnson and eight others in the FBI unit ran fingerprints from about 1,500 bodies through a new computer algorithm that could make matches from low-quality prints or even a single finger or thumb.In nearby Yuma County, Arizona, the FBI fingerprint initiative enabled authorities to finally identify a young woman whose body was found in 1999 near the Colorado River, where she was killed with a shotgun blast to her face.This late 1950s photo provided by the Downey family shows John Downey, far left, posing for a photo with siblings in Rogers, Texas.Taken together, yesterday's events painted a picture of almost routine fabrication of evidence in criminal cases in the identification unit of Troop C, based in Sidney, 65 miles southwest of Syracuse, beginning at least as far back as 1984. Cuomo to investigate the Troop C scandal, said yesterday that he expected "at least one additional arrest," apparently alluding to Lieutenant O'Hara.In general, officials said, investigators would use fabricated fingerprint evidence to build cases against people who had already been identified as suspects. "The whole affair is incredibly disheartening and unfortunately creates some unwarranted public scrutiny of the entire state police," added Mr.

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