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For instance, many of the MIJ/CIJ Telecasters have the serial number on the bridge and they start with an "A".

Yet if you take the neck off they can be 1994-1997!

The guitar boom that had gone into a hiatus in the late-’60s had begun to pick up again at this time (disco was yet to come).

In around 1974 or so, O’Hagan became aware of the very high quality Japanese acoustic guitars built by Yamaki, which were imported into Canada by Great West out of Vancouver.

Mid–1997 the CIJ logo was the only one used on Fender guitars coming out of Japan (with exception the Squire series). I really don’t know, but the MIJ logo Fenders were for the USA market.

Comments: Fender added int he Master Volume control with pull-knob Boost in 1975.O’Hagan was so impressed with the quality of these Yamaki guitars that he looked into the possibility of importing them into the U.S., but found out there was some sort of legal restriction in the way.At best, some of you may recall the funky Shark ads that ran in magazines like Guitar Player back around 1981 or so.Now it’s time to tell the tale of another of those Midwestern guitars of the remarkably fertile late 1970s.

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