Dating bo rinehart

Bonham: Is there any concern that you will get labeled as the “Christian rock guys” out there on the road in the mainstream venues? Hopefully they see that we have thought these things out.

Rinehart: There’s always a more artistic and a smarter version of you that you’re always worried about meeting. Hopefully we’re culturally relevant and we’re not just walking around oblivious to what’s going on in the world and using a bunch of Christian clichés.

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Those decisions really do have big affects even if they feel like their small and now’s the time to make that decision. It is a little different when people do get to know us.Rinehart: It’s been a big benefit for us because we’re not soft on the songs.We went into this record with 60 songs and we got it down to 11.He told us we needed to get our degrees before we could go travel full-time.Bonham: Tell me about your football playing days at Furman. Without us having an agenda, I think these songs naturally flow out of us. Hopefully those things do come across on the record.

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