Dating anorexic

In particular, at extremely low levels of caloric intake, the body actually begins eating the fat that surrounds nerve cells and helps them fire (and fire quickly).(The term for his is , and it seriously disturbs the function of the brain.)But this is an extreme case.The thought patterns that surround ED really encumber relationships. The is something else: control, patterns, coping with strong emotions, shutting off scary emotions.

We don't have to put our dirty socks on the table before the food has even arrived on the first date!He wanted control of my life and would do anything to get it.Real guys are not as predictable, and I find this quite challenging.A hungry person wants to eat, period, and the majority of their mental space is taken up with fantasizing about food, imagining future meals, planning future meals, obsessing over caloric intake, and the like.Someone struggling with bulimia-related disordered eating (binges and purges) will be similarly be obsessed about caloric intake, as well as the social mechanics of the binge-and-purge behavior pattern.

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    Many people are too inhibited at first and find it hard to flirt with strangers.