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Gigi Gorgeous, Stef Sanjati, Ty Turner, to name a few have seemingly become the transgender advocates of post-gender among the growing list of sub communities on youtube (which include furries).All above the 100000th mark in subscribers..people may not be familiar with youtubers that have also sprouted who have made efforts in changing our perception of gender and may I so boldly say..But in a post-gender society that struggles so deeply in #pronounrespect (The act of respecting not just others gender identity and gender expression but also the pronouns that person wish’s to be called whether that is ;he/him, she/her, they/them, zhe/zer) It becomes more than troublesome for the constitution of being transgender to be primarily justified through womanhood or worst.ability to be read as cisgender. Patricia Greenfield at the UCLA campus of the Children’s Digital Media [email protected], which was published in Cyberpsychology.

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In a sea of; social justice warriors, antifa, right wingers, centrists, and post-humanists..strive for a platform that supports freedom of speech crossing the line into hate speech these days seems like everyones fear.There is always value in looking at anecdotal evidence.Gigi Gorgeous has been quoted as saying “I can only speak from my lived experience”, which is completely valid in her expulsion but by saying that she is inadvertently advocating to youth that people are..(De Castell 2004) shows how there are possible reasons why queer youth may find certain ways of learning to me more ideal than others.Discussed in class Formal education emulates a particular structure and curriculum formulated for a classroom setting, Informal education are ways of passing learning through media such as television, art, and anecdotal experiences, and Non-Formal education is neither Formal or In-formal because of it’s semi-structured setting such as a community support group. CBC, did a recent article called “Transgender patients face health-care discrimination, inadequate treatment” where they brought to light a very common issue within Canada’s Health Care System where doctors and nurses and front line workers have not been trained properly in order to serve and treat transgender and non binary patients appropriately.

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