Dating a workmate burley id dating

It's long distance - yep I know this is strange, how can I work with him daily and it be long distance?Well we both live a 40 min bus ride from each other in opposite directions (me in the city, him in the middle of nowhere).I know she's single atm but thought this might be a better way of feeling out the ground without outright embarrissing both of us should I ask emma out thereby putting her on the spot.I know emma's friend would tell her I was asking after her which would get the ball rolling.I mean this is only my opinion however I say go for it but I would suggest maybe going directly to her so you dont come off as not being brave enough to talk to her directly I dunno guess it all depends on the gal, however I myself like it better when I am approached directly vs.

In less than a week, me and a guy started liking each other but I tried to reason that nothing would happen until I finished working there.Just be yourself and be a friend first and foremost.Maybe, ask her out for a drink, but keep it casual.However, don't try and be funny if you're not naturally funny. Don't know, but I used to be shy even though I was fairly well liked and popular.I didn't like it if a guy came off as a cocky person who thinks they'll get whatever they want.

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