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Speaking to her deceased husband Wednesday, Guerrero said: "No matter how many days that pass, no matter how far we go I still feel like you're going to show up as if you were coming back from a long vacation.

There's so many milestones I wish I could get to share with you just to see your smile. You didn't deserve this fate." She posted photos of her and Guerrer0-Moreno, who were married almost a year before the crash in November 2015.

The poison was found in the body of at least 2 of the men she was involved with and police reportedly found traces of cyanide in the rubbish at her Kyoto home.

They also found paraphernalia for administering drugs and medical books at an apartment she kept south of Kyoto.

In my work with grieving families, much of the coaching I do is to help young grieving parents communicate their needs to their friends/relatives so that those close to them, who may not have any previous experience with perinatal death, can be supportive and nurturing rather than adding to the burdens of the grieving.

Then, in my own life I became a rare statistic, one of the 1.8% of women in their 40\’s living as widows.

"The accused made the victims drink a cyanide compound with a murderous intention in all the four cases," Judge Ayako Nakagawa told the court, according to public broadcaster NHK.

My own grandmother chose to consider herself a married woman after 47 years with my grandfather and scoffed at any suggestions to the contrary.She had relationships with many men, mostly elderly or ill, meeting some through dating agencies, where she reportedly stipulated that prospective partners should be wealthy and childless.Kakehi, who is also known as "The Poison Lady", is said to have stashed some of her cyanide in a plant pot she later threw out.less This photo, provided by family, shows the aftermath of the fatal wreck that killed Fabian Guerrero-Moreno, his unborn child, and hospitalized his wife.A vehicle, driven by 21-year-old Shana Elliott, veered ...

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