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From that moment on, Yakone included lessons in the art of bloodbending during every full moon, intending to mold his sons into bloodbenders of the highest caliber to exact his revenge on the Avatar.After four years of harsh training, consisting mainly of bloodbending animals under the full moon, Tarrlok and his brother learned how to use the illegal technique without the need of a full moon.He voiced his lack of desire to cause anyone to have to endure the same and denounced his bloodbending abilities in front of his father.

Intent on pushing his sons to extremes, Yakone eventually ordered the brothers to bloodbend each other.After learning the danger Amon really posed, the United Republic Council held a meeting, during which Tarrlok proposed to assemble a task force whose sole mission would be "to fight Amon and bring him to justice".Tenzin immediately dismissed this idea, asserting that such an aggressive strategy would only worsen the relations between benders and nonbenders, and he claimed it was merely a ploy to grant Tarrlok more power.Tarrlok eventually moved to Republic City, and, having learned from his criminal father's mistakes, he ascended through the government, eventually becoming the Northern Water Tribe representative in the United Republic Council and the chairman of said council.Tarrlok managed to conceal the truth about his parentage and, through charismatic politics coupled with a fierce stance against the Equalists, maneuvered himself in position to be Republic City's "savior".

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