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Back at her apartment, Rachel finds her prize waiting on her doorstep: It’s Dexter of course, who called off the wedding after seeing his mother make a sad face.

So, let’s parse what this particular scene might be telling us, as ladies who base their life choices off of rom-coms: Back in New York City, Dex sends Rachel flowers to apologize and then proposes that they spend the day together on the Fourth of July to figure things out.Not only did Darcy cheat on Dexter multiple times with Marcus, she had the nerve to get pregnant with Marcus’s baby as well.After all these revelations, made with Dexter hiding in a closet somewhere, Darcy is almost out the door when she sees Dexter’s coat and knows he’s there.The dad pulls Dex away from the table to heavily imply that calling off the wedding would besmirch the family name.This has such an impact on Dex that he won’t even come up for sex! Poor Rachel is even MORE confused that usual, but tries to justify Dexter’s actions to Ethan, who’s having none of this shit.

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    But, when the couple first met and began dating, and how they led their relationship to marriage is yet to be revealed.

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    You should not date until you are at least 16 years old.