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Example: A code of G07048 decodes to mean: G = plant location07 = July04 = The fourth day of the month8 = 1998The can was packed July 4, 1998 at plant location G.

JELL-O BRAND PUDDINGS & GELATINSThe first four digits are the date coding.

The following two numbers represent the day of the month it was processed and the third number indicates the year.

Example: A code of B148C23 would be B=Feb, 14 = the fourteenth day, 8=1998. A five character packing code, usually on the bottom.

Some processors use a system where all the days of the year are listed 1-365 (366 for leap year) as the first three digits in the code.

This number is then followed by a single letter such as "B" and then by a single digit that represents the year.

The remaining characters following identify plant location and shift information. The remaining three digits are the day of the year the product was packed.

Example: A packing code of E731B would translate as follows: E = October7 = 199731 = 31st day of the month B = A plant location The following is their 12 month cycle. Example: A code of 28304 deciphers to be:2 - discard this number8 = 1998304 = the 304th day of the year or October 31st Thus 28304 is October 31st, 1998 HEALTHY CHOICE: First character is a number, second is a letter with the remaining characters being a lot ID.

Obviously, they are only a few of the many, many products that use closed dating and I hope that future readers will continue to send these codes in as they are gleaned from the processors.Some examples of this might be: IMPORTANT NOTE: I have not personally verified all of these code keys.Also, closed date coding schemes may change over time.Frankly, when it comes to the potential dozens of products that would require deciphering their packing codes the entire process is a major nuisance.While it is better to have an encoded date than not to have one at all, it would be far better if processors would just use clear open dating and (best used by) so we wouldn't have to carry a book of code keys like covert agents every time we go to the grocery.

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