Coach serial dating

A correct serial or style number will never prove that a Coach is genuine, but an INCORRECT number will almost always prove that a bag is fake.

To clarify - the SERIAL number is the entire number shown underneath the stamped creed.

For instance, if a creed says that a bag is made of genuine leather and doesn't mention any other type of material but the bag is mostly fabric with leather trim, you're looking at a fake.

And beware of any older bag where the name Coach is stamped on the outside or the flap, especially if it isn't in the lower center of the flap.

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STYLE numbers are the 2nd half of the serial on items made after 1994 and are Coach's ID number for that style.

After 1994 the last half of the number was actually the style number, and the front half of the number showed where and when the item was made.

Coaches made in 1994 or later should begin with a letter from A to M) Read the creed carefully and look for mistakes in spacing, spelling and punctuation (these don't always prove something is fake but they will 99 times out of 100).

Coach has used at least FIVE different brands of zippers and fakes makers can buy real OR fake YKKs so a zipper doesn't prove a thing).

Almost all of them are filled with mistakes, outdated info or just plain nonsense.

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