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Our psychologist is available to you and your family during the diagnostic process and throughout your child’s care at CHOP.Our team is usually asked to consult with families when a newborn baby is born with ambiguous genitalia.Our team includes professionals from urology, endocrinology, genetics and pediatric psychology.We evaluate and treat children with conditions that include: Although these conditions are rare, the team at CHOP has extensive experience in caring for children with DSD and their families.

We work together to evaluate your child efficiently and thoroughly, and answer questions about your child’s condition as quickly as possible.

After initial results are achieved, the dosage generally drops down to one tablet a day, sometimes two.

Bodybuilders and athletes using Proviron often take as much as 50 mg and up to 150 mg of Proviron in a day!

Our team at the Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) Program understands this and is committed to providing the best care possible for your child and family.

We take a multidisciplinary, team approach to diagnosing and treating children with ambiguous genitalia and DSD.

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