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They believe that the world we live in is more open and expressive when it comes to sexual matters.For this group of believers, there must be intimacy in relationships outside marriage.So we ought to see the issue of dating as a very serious one which demands serious prayers.Before a Christian chooses when to start dating or whom he/she dates, he/she should prayerfully seek God’s face.Obviously, God will not use the burning bush experience to show you instantly who you should marry.

Thus, in modern times, the idea people have about dating, especially that involving Christians, has changed remarkably.

• Issues about intimacy: Is there room for intimacy in Christian dating?

How far is too far as regards intimacy between two Christians who are dating?

• Issues dealing with Here are some things you should know about Christian dating...

Originally, there were people who brought two people of the opposite sex together in order to help them form a relationship that would eventually lead to marriage. However, the aim of such intimacy should be to move God’s Kingdom forward. If He does, what is the appropriate age to start dating (searching for a life partner)?

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