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sigh.119- Because Hepburn and Tracy’d be Klaine’s kids name and do you have any idea who they are ? As long as life is long…I’ll love him right or wrong, And somehow, I’ll be strong…As long as he needs me. this is some nice acting..129- Because Chris is us all when Mia : 130- Not a documentary though ~131- Open-mouthed kiss. 135- Chris laughing at Darren’s lame jokes cry with me136- Because Willdo being on Glee not even once but /twice/ as an extra is actually plain nepotism.““In her autobiography she wrote, “It was a unique feeling that I had for [Tracy]. 132- Darp no Chris’s smile though133- Guys now’s not the appropriate time to flirt. If he were dating Chris, that is, but he’s just a mere PA. 137- Because both Chris and Darren were at the glee party for the 100th episode and going by what this girl said (notice the time) they both left early But of course Darren came back 2 hours later to walk Mia to the car are you kidding me138- Because139- Besides the Chillarren bullshit that occured that day, we did get that heartwraming CC pictures. ”D: “People who are well-read, well-spoken, and charming. 146- TONE DOWN ON YOUR HEARTEYES DARREN JESUSi’m crying i cant go on anymore ;_;147- “Mr.On 24/10/13, Darren’s PR (Ricky) sent out a mail to all fans who subscribed to Darren’s website newsletter basically saying to vote for Darren in all PCA categories he’s in : Best comedy actor, best bromance, best comedy show.The thing is, the idiot left out the one Klaine (hence, Criss Colfer) is up for : best on-screen chemistry. i´m really proud on this relationship”When he was asked about the Miarren pic he posted on his twitter/instagram on Halloween he basically didn’t mention Mia and referred to her by “partner in crime” (lol), also, as you can see in the video below his face fell a little when he was asked this question, and Ricky rushed him to go as soon as he was done.I would have done anything for him.” "With Tracy determined to conceal the relationship with Hepburn from his wife, it had to remain private. Ya all know how much Chris values his personal space, and ya also know how he seems to forget all notion of personal space when it comes to Darren. People who learn how to use humour to forward their intellectual message.”Hm, I wonder who that sounds like ? CDUtdb O/ Ndaf/He went to Chris’s rehearsals for his episode, but like not even friends ofc. 144- Chris in answer to both he and Darren getting to work with “older” actors during S5 : "If it’s a game, I’m winning. (…)”Aaaaaand this is an actual line that was said in Chris’s episode:( notice Darren’s smile pls I’m weeping on the floor)NOT A DOCUMENTARY THOUGH145- No but they’re married ? Smarty Pants” - Darren’s actual nickname for Chris lmao byyyye.148- Because during that BTS Darren kept pushing the “right” buzzer cuz’ he was well aware the sound would make Chris giggle, and he just loves Chris’s laugh that much.149- Chris’s so familiar with Darren’s sense of humor he didn’t frown or raise his eyebrows at that, he just went along with the joke. 150- Because this is an actual thing that happened.They were careful not to be seen in public together, and maintained separate residences.” "Reports from people who saw them together describe how Hepburn’s entire demeanor changed when around Tracy.”“In response to the question of why she stayed with Tracy for so long, despite the nature of their relationship, she said,"I honestly don’t know. ” said that even if they weren’t married what linked them was an extraordinary and unique love. 143- Because Chris wrote an episode and SL about PR and all the publicity stunts they pull for their clients. 151- Because “Darren-Str8-Criss” struck once again. The guy would probably feel more emotions talking about what he had for lunch yesterday.

Then 30 or so minutes later they fixed it with another email :(Notice how bitter that sounds, lol)And on Ricky’s twitter too :“An oversight” yeah right. foremost, THIS happens : If you didn’t catch what I’m hitting at here then you’re probably still fairly new to the fandom. Here are the links :xx Some things we do know for sure they edited out : The bathing question (and therefore Chris’s cute giggle), all dat stuttering and the cute shy smiles.

49- Blind Gossip and Perez Hilton.50- “This band sucks !

”; “says he’s biased but loved the movie of course”.51- Chris always talks about how he want his fans to respect his private life etc..

That girl spotted Darren : 99- Because they were filming together and Chris was happy and posted some pics and videos on his IG and he was having fun for the first time in months on Glee aaaand uwu100- Because since Blaine moved to NYC they’ve been filming like tons more scenes together and they still won’t post a BTS pic. x113- Because Darren hugged Alla, and like, I don’t go around hugging my client’s co-workers, and I certainly don’t sport a smile that could light up the whole city.114- Alright, to be fair Darren came out some minutes after Chord and Kevin did, it doesn’t change the fact that he and Chris stayed inside Serendipity a bit longer. 115- Because Darren and Chris sitting next to each other and t-a-l-k-i-n-g. 117- ”Joe Walker: Just your average, run-of-the-mill, gay guy with a beard. [Every laughs, and Darren enters the room, climbing over the back of the couch to sit in the middle.]Darren Criss: What’s up, guys? I’ve got to stay true, just As long as he needs me.”126- Because they’re fucking married.

”*coughs*118- Because they released another pic and deleted it again. 127- Because Willdo was sitting next to Chris and Darren went out of his way to hide his fugly face.128- Herm ;…

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