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We know there's a lot of you who are very invested in the Rollaro—that's Amaro and Rollins' relationship. The actress tell us she's not sure about the relationship and how healthy it is for her character, but said she loves having Pino as a scene partner. "So rarely we get to act with other people in the squad room, just like a two-hander scene, it's just nice knowing that there is something, maybe another layer, that is going on in the squad room," she says. So have Robert and Michelle King, the co-creators and executive producers. "I will say you will see both of them back for sure,"showrunner Michelle Ashford reveals. While there's no official word from Fox (What are you waiting for?! I hope [Fox] believes in the show as much as I do," Mindy Kaling tells us. Be sure to send in questions via Twitter or Facebook. But there is something very special about seeing Alicia—it's where she feels most comfortable, where she kind of kicks ass."Translation: Don't fret! Although Deacon's health is deteriorating fast, there's hope for these two to finally reconcile…if only Deacon can bring himself to tell Rayna about his health problems. " Deacon's about to find out that's extremely true about good luck. "But I definitely think we're going to get to Scotty's death in the second season."Mark: I'm so happy is finally back tonight! ), and when Skye's new abilities start to show, the two team members who have the most surprising reactions are Fitz and Simmons. "We're working towards telling a different story with Thea, it won't always be just her acting out," executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. When glitz rocker Elton John recently split from his wife, one of the first people he told was Fergie, the Duchess of York, at Prince Charles’s 40th-birthday do.After all, the self-avowed bisexual (known in gay circles as Sharon) and his bride, Renate Blauel, a German recording engineer, had spent more time apart than together during their 4½-year marriage.

Renate’s divorce settlement is rumored to be as much as ,000,000.

The couple met in 1982 while making John’s album, agreed to marry over a chicken curry dinner in Sydney, Australia, 18 months later and exchanged I dos in a 1984 Valentine’s Day ceremony. “Because of his work, Elton’s just not around,” says friend Ed Coan.

“Their paths aren’t crossing.” When announcing their divorce last month, Renate claimed that she and Elton were parting amicably “and genuinely intend to remain best of friends.” Word is, they were never much more.

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