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The Gang also has to deal with Dennis and Dee's bizarre cousin "Gail the Snail" (Mary Lynn Rajskub). It turns out she dated the groom, Brad Fisher (Nick Wechsler), back in high school—but cruelly dumped him because of his bad acne.Dee finds out The Waitress is getting married and she is jealous so she tries (with the help of Frank, Artemis, Mrs. Dennis and Mac, fearful Charlie will lose his mind and take it out on them, try to find Charlie a girlfriend with online dating.

The gang also follow up on last season's musical episode by putting on a wrestling show for American troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, with Frank also dresses up as a trash man for his wrestling-for-the-troops persona.Charles David Lubiniecki (born August 9, 1980), better known as Charlie David, is a Canadian actor, writer, director and producer, best known for the male lead in the LGBT horror series Dante's Cove. He has also worked as a TV host on a number of shows like F. Meanwhile, Charlie faces off with a lawyer on the intricacies of the judicial system.The gang tries to expand their horizons by going on a road trip to the Grand Canyon.

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