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The anti-Lemon squad might not like that Jack was the one who guided Liz to that insight, but after all, his life has changed too: yes, he’s married and a father, but from the perspective of Jack’s future self, he’s a pathetic failure, currently running a worthless network bought by the lame Philadelphia conglomerate Kabletown. It’s kind of perfect.” And he gives her a table he made from a Herman Cain poster and fallen branches from Riverside Park.

And the thing is, Liz’s confrontations with her worst qualities have actually strengthened her. This season, Liz is happier than ever—and for once, she’s Jack’s influence, finding her own bliss, embracing her oddball nature, going on the Oprah-style vacations she feels like taking. As for her career, while Liz was once a people-pleasing, prickly, masochistic workaholic, she’s gotten awfully laissez-faire. She’s in her forties now and she’s stopped obsessing about whether she’ll have a baby or whether her job is ideal.

Unlike some other adorkable or slutty-fabulous characters I could name, Liz only superficially resembled the protagonist of a romantic comedy, ready to remove her glasses and be loved.

Beneath that, she was something way more interesting: a strange, specific, workaholic, NPR-worshipping, white-guilt-infected, sardonic, curmudgeonly, hyper-nerdy New Yorker.

That has always been one of the most radical things about “30 Rock,” the way it has continually punctured Liz’s image of herself as a spunky brunette underdog.

Early on, she went to her high-school reunion and discovered that she had not in fact been the overlooked nerd—she had been the sarcastic bully, throwing zingers at women she envied (an insight Tina Fey has regularly expressed about herself).

Liz Lemon was once our heroine—a sassy, confident, if somewhat neurotic single career lady. She behaves as if Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) is her daddy.Massachusetts Tax Preparer Sentenced for Fraud On Sept.28, 2015, in Boston, Massachusetts, Barry Ginsberg, a Peabody tax preparer, was sentenced to 21 months in prison, six months of home confinement and ordered to pay restitution.The lady-centric pitch for her show—it was supposed to be “The Girlie Show,” a showcase for her best friend, Jenna—had been commercialized into TGS, a mediocre SNL ripoff, with low ratings and fart gags.Liz needed Jack because her life was a mess, but their rapport wasn’t primarily based around gender: it was about the cocky powerful suits versus the smug weakling creatives, although this satire was done (for once) with a woman at the center.

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