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Studies comparing acupuncture with sham acupuncture have found little or no difference between the two – suggesting that these supposed meridians are irrelevant to any effect of the treatment. Well, there have been several Cochrane reviews of this TCM.Using acupuncture to help quit smoking may be a waste of time.If you're still struggling to find the sweet spot on Instant Articles, here are five common missteps that could be throwing off your strategy.We're looking for a talented and motivated engineer that will join our Dev Ops team here at Rebel Mouse.Our Rebel Mouse clients are experiencing growth using the format every day.However, it does take careful testing and the right strategy to see ROI and audience increases using Instant Articles.

2018 has been full of sweeping algorithm changes and meaningful updates that are getting tweaked and expanded almost every week.

Still, Facebook announced that the use of Instant Articles grew 25% last year, with more than 10,000 publishers on board.

While big-name publishers like may be abandoning Facebook's mobile format, there's still room for growth and revenue on the platform for both brands and media companies.

The authors also concluded that true acupuncture did not show any greater therapeutic benefit than a credible control procedure (that is, “real” acupuncture performed no better than “sham” acupuncture).

After making a huge wave during its rollout in 2015, some legacy publishers are now abandoning Facebook Instant Articles.

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