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VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: What I describe below was put together by analyzing how the Nest apps communicate with the infrastructure.

None of these items use official REST APIs (unfortunately, those don’t expose the video stream), therefore can break at any time.

We recently got a Nest cam, and we absolutely love the capabilities it brings to our home.

One of the staples of the camera was the capability to record footage and then replay it later.

Particularly, I could not figure out where it’s being generated through the web app because a lot of the requests seem to be already coming with it built-in, so likely some piece of JS code was generating it on the fly.

I noticed that there was a response from , but I was still hitting authentication issue with the call, even though I passed the required credentials.

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Make sure the binary is in /tools.' file in the folder, generated after fixed intervals - and by that, I mean having a fixed number of buffered images that can be combined in a video.

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After hitting my head against the wall a couple of times, I thought I would double check how the mobile Nest app handles authentication.

With a little bit of def login(self): print 'INFO: Performing user login...' post_data = #post_data = json.dumps(post_data) post_data = urllib.urlencode(post_data) print "INFO: Auth post data" print post_data request = urllib2.

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