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“We had a guest on the show who was a sex therapist.Lauer said he did not know what to do with the sex toys and left them in his closet.MATT LAUER CAUGHT TELLING MEREDITH VIEIRA TO ‘KEEP BENDING OVER LIKE THAT’ IN 2006 VIDEO CLIP The latest resurfaced video is not the first uncomfortable clip between Lauer and Vieira.In a video unearthed by TMZ on Wednesday, Lauer was seen and heard on camera whispering inappropriate comments to Vieira.The tower, completed by the East Germans in 1969, once served as the biggest symbol of a regime that maintained its power by spying relentlessly on its citizens.It’s now a piece of harmless Cold War kitsch—a soaring concrete column with a shiny top resembling a disco ball.Anticipation kept building, and it was global news when the Film Society of Lincoln Center announced that it would present the première, on October 10th.(A wider release follows, on October 24th.)Poitras is fifty years old, with brown eyes that habitually have a look of alarm, as if she were staring at something from which she wanted to escape.

Inside the studio, the atmosphere was discreet and tense: thoughts were conveyed in shorthand, words were swallowed, sentences trailed off.

From the beginning, the language of their correspondence was heightened. Since then, he has given numerous interviews, and the journalist Glenn Greenwald, Poitras’s reporting partner on the story, has published a book.

Snowden wrote to Poitras, “You asked why I chose you. You chose yourself.” He was referring to films of hers that were critical of the war on terror—in particular, a short piece on an N. But Poitras, guarding her privacy, has said very little while she has finished work on her film.

“Keep bending over like that, it’s a nice view,” Lauer told Vieira on the set of The "Today" show, reportedly in October 2006.

The comments from Lauer, according to TMZ, were made when the NBC morning show cut to commercial — however, a local affiliate kept the show live on air with the network’s in-studio camera feed.

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