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"Who is this Mr Wilberjim" is available at £13.50 including post and packing by emailing John Watts.

The Guy Victory in service with its original Jonckheere body Martin Fisher emailed in June 2017 to tell me about what is believed to be the only Guy Victory in Britain.

William J Whitelock formed a horse bus company named Shamrock (hence the shamrock leaf in the crest) in the town in 1885, moving up to motor buses in 1913.

This picture pre-dates pneumatic tyres so is probably from the early 1920s.

Well, it turned out to be a long story, but I'll be as brief as I can.

I thought it looked like a Harrington body so I contacted Harrington guru Nick Webster. At the behest of North Western Road Car ECW actually got hold of a Harrington and copied it. Western had lots of Harringtons at the time, many of which swapped chassis and were rebodied from Harrington to Harrington to update and extend their lives.

The engine goes and stops although setting it correctly is proving troublesome.

It has been driven round the site under its own steam and the volunteers working on it are really looking forward to it being completed and used.

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The museum will be starting a funding campaign very soon, and we are really looking forward to seeing the Guy back on the road." Thank you Martin, and perhaps someone knows where he can find some original seats.

It will nicely compliment the Museum's West Bromwich Corporation Daimler and Guy GS." Thanks to Mike for the pictures, and I hope he'll keep us updated about the Dennis. Four fabulous AEC Regals at Roger Burdett's facility just before departing to the Oxford Bus Museum Vintage Transport Festival on 30 July 2017.

requesting to make it illegal for Historic Vehicles to be processed through scrappage schemes. They are (left to right) Burnham's 1948 Regal III CFK 340, Eastern Belle 1953 Regal III NXL 847, York Pullman 1954 Regal III JVY 516 and (my favourite) Salisbury / Standerwick / Ribble 1934 Regal I FV 4548.

Triscombe is also close to Burnham-on-Sea and I wonder if that's the name at bottom left of the inscription on the side.

That's relevant because there's a Channing Close in Burnham-on-Sea. Anyway Philip was interested to know what the vehicle might be.

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