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Bristlenose plecos are not extremely difficult to breed, however it does take some effort, and some patients.

Getting your first plecos If you already have BN plecos, skip to the next section There comes a day in every aquarist’s life where they want to breed a fish… but something more intermediate and maybe one day, challenging…

You will know when the two new parents have mated when you see the female with a flat stomach and will look like she is starving to death- do not worry she will put the weight back on usually in about a week.

He's owned by Alpha Scott Mc Call and is approaching his first heat when Scott decides it's time he was bred to a stud dog so he can sell the valuable puppies.The easiest route though is to purchase a mated pair from a fish store.Tank setup You will need an aquarium of at least 10 gallons (I find that my plecos reproduce best in twenty gallons though) for one pair (and of course the more bristlenose plecos you add the more tank space that is required) The tank must be…One night, now that the female is gravid, the male will lure her into his cave and trap her in there.The female will lay 50-100 orange eggs and the male fertilizes them.

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