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Bill (Nick Kroll) has been overshadowed by his brother Robbie (Adam Scott) since a childhood accident resulted in Robbie becoming blind.

Robbie took his disability as a motivation to prove that he could rise above it.

They are inclined to lie—to each other, in order to keep their relationships relatively nice and calm, and to themselves, in order to keep up the other lies. These are fairly decent people, and they lie because they want to stay decent—or at least to keep up the appearance of being good people.

The plot involves a romantic triangle of sorts, although it's probable that there are no romantic feelings on the part of Rose (Jenny Slate), the woman who becomes involved with both brothers within a short span of time.

When she corrects him, he's embarrassed, and wanting to save him from that embarrassment, Rose kisses him. Bill, of course, now has another reason to be jealous of his brother.

Hanzo's troll of a brother convinces him to head out on a blind date with someone of his choosing, which turns out to be the rugged conservationist student Jesse Mc Cree and all the "hell fucking no" that comes with him. What he doesn't take into consideration is the smile, or the freckles, or the fact that Genji possibly knows him a little too well.Lest the setup of "My Blind Brother" begin to sound too inspiring in terms of overcoming physical limitations and sacrificing one's own desires for a loved one, it must be pointed out that neither Bill nor Robbie particularly seem to like each other. He also resents that Robbie uses him as something akin to a guide dog and that no one seems to notice his role in Robbie's efforts.As for the brother's feelings toward Bill, Robbie gives a big speech after a marathon-length run.You were planning on being alone for Valentine’s day, but your friends at work decided to dare you to ask the first person that walked in to be your Valentine.With the promise of a week of free lunches, you swallowed your nerves and asked out a…

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