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Some guys even get off while pretending to give the dispatchers their billing information. So, maybe they are only 4 cents a minute, but there is a ten or twelve minute minimum, etc. If you plan to talk for more than thirty minutes or an hour, make sure you tell the dispatcher.Often, they only check availability of funds for a certain block of time and will instruct the phone slut to cut you off after that no matter how sparkling and pretty your credit may be. Phone sluts will often have more than one persona with a service.Open up and talk for a while on what sexual pleasures she would like to experience during the call or what types of sexual pleasures you want her to talk to you about during the phone call.

It costs money to put an ad in a high profile publication like Hustler, etc.

Web900 doesn't let you go over and there are no refunds for unused minutes.

900 numbers mean restrictions on the nature of your conversation.

There are UNLIMITED possibilities that a phone slut encounters and if you don't give her at least some hint of a direction, she has no idea where your boundaries are or what the fuck is going to work for you.

You have to let the operator of the phone sex know what you are into or what really gets you off.

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    andrews for some live punk we get acosted by mongolian mercenaries insisting we hand over the micro film not knowing what the crap theyre talking about we engage in fisticuffs thats cut short when a man hole cover is blasted 80 feet in the air and 3 six foot tall genetically altered meer kats with harpoons crawl out of the sewer and say theyre here to avenge the death of theyre high priest lord mortimor of west 85th street and then...after meeting a girl on here and talking for a few weeks, we decided that I should drive up to see her one weekend at school.

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    Van moved to TV roles and a few indie films after will be back for Season Two, and the show’s creator (and Thom’s partner on the show), Kit Williamson sat down with Van to discuss the show and his career.