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The woman was described to be obese, and was wrapped in a woolen cloak.Borremose Woman is not currently on display, but is stored at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.Police said the corpse was found in a 'question mark' shape.After the remains were completely unearthed they were moved into a nearby barn.The Tollund Man has been noted for the excellent preservation of his facial features.The corpse was found in early May 1950 when a family had been harvesting peat from a bog, near the town of Silkeborg.The find was originally titled as "Roum Woman" until traces of beard stubble were found on the face.

Her hair had been tied into a knot, and fastened with a woven band, which was destroyed.

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This is a list of bog bodies in order of the country in which they were discovered.

Only his head remains original in his museum display due to lack of preservation knowledge at the time of discovery.

It is believed that the Tollund Man was a ritual sacrifice victim.

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