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Blaze,i still use this stats system, however i believe that BOM is in the middle of implementing a SP stats system that incorporates BFHQ. I have the upmost respect for those tallented people who spend there free time in trying to add stats, SP, Maps, mods, game modes ect.

So to that end i dont beleive anymore is being done with the stats system that you and i are using, because they are trying to get that to work.cheers, Geoff I've updated to chumps xpack12 which has added some nice touches. You realize that games companys will start to think they can release unfinshed games because they know that the Modders out there will fix it.

YES, I have entered it VERBATIM from the example given on "patch -p1 You need to copy the patch-python-scripts-windows.patch from the big hamster file, into the logs file (i think) first.

then install all the crap, also copy the file into the same directory in on your proper bf2 folder.

I've posted on their forum and it's pretty difficult to get detailed assistance in setting this up. I guess they're waiting for Chump to get back online (since he's the pro).

I've been able to somewhat get it running, problem is, my stats don't save, ie; I earn a medal in one round and once the next round starts it's like I never got the medal, you have to earn it all over again.

I have no clue why you are not showing medic/repair. My guess is that something in the logs isn't being written the way that it should be.

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($line eq $$)) ; print "All fine, no other instance running\n";};-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have gone over and gone over and gone over what i'm doing wrong here, but i can't figure it out...i have followed the pdf from nova verbetum, but can't seem to get the logs to upload.

I've asked for a more thorough tutorial on the website (maybe something in the ballpark of what Sat Nav/Chump did initially) and I'm still waiting, we ALL are. I've posted several requests for an idiots guide for dummies because of the same questions Blaze posted.

It took me a full day to set up the first one from big hamster from scratch and it worked great ....after a full day on this new one, I gave up frustrated and felt pretty dumb ..of the questions above needing proper answers (from blaze) would be very helpful. I removed all of what I accomplished due to frustration. Nova's guide was great, it contained pictures, but it only supports Big Hamsters release.

I like the sound of being able to access the stats in the BFHQ. Yes Blaze, this new system includes unlocks/awards/ranks/etc. It is all viewable in BFHQ and/or a webpage, just like in normal BF2 when playing on ranked servers.

I really do not understand why EA/Dice did not put the stats into the single player with weapon unlocks.

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