Best 420 dating site

In other words, dating sites centered around cannabis could have all the pieces necessary to build a solid relationship.

Though the marijuana industry is young, it is ripe with possibilities including the possibility to meet a like-minded stoner-type with a simple swipe right.

It’s common for a potential partner who disapproves of marijuana to convince you to stop smoking, or smoke less.

No matter how attractive, attentive, intelligent and funny they are, it can be hard to make it work if they’re against weed.

Although with High There, you first have to specify whether you prefer smoking, vaping, edibles, or "it's all good." High There users' implicit common ground lessens the pressure to build connections from scratch.High There isn't the only option for stoners seeking love online, but it is the best.There are sites like 420 Singles and My 420 Mate, but they're handicapped by abysmal design and amateur coding; one called 420 Cupid never got around to sending me an activation email, even after two sign-up attempts.Some popular 420-friendly dating sites include High There, Stoner Singles, My 420 Mate and 420 Singles, though many other popular sites offer cannabis as an optional prerequisite, as well.It’s easy to fall in love with Mary Jane, but when it comes to long-term companionship, she does leave something to be desired.

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