Benedict cumberbatch interview updating sherlock

They were shared while we were making it." Speaking about the prospect of leaving Sherlock behind, Gatiss added that he would be fine with someone else putting their own stamp on the character.

"There's nothing wrong with saying, ' That was our version, somebody out there go and do their version'," he said.

For his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes Benedict won the Broadcasting Press Guild Award for best actor (20), the National Television Award for Most Popular Male Drama Performance (2013), the Satellite Award for Best Actor in a Miniseries/Movie TV (2012), the TV Quick Award for Best Actor (2012) and besides others a nomination for Best Actor at the BAFTAs in 20.

When the police is at a loss (which happens quite often), Inspector Lestrade asks for Sherlock’s help – and like everbody around the genius he, too, always witnesses Sherlock’s power of deduction in elucidating the seemingly unsolvable cases with astonishment and suspiciousness.

And in fact, everything would be well in London, would not appear a worthy opponent, a diabolical, unpredictable Consultant Criminal, in his skills nothing short of Sherlock’s, and this incredible villain has just one target – to play with Sherlock and finally destroy him, at any prize, if necessary even to his own life.

Watson meets Sherlock Holmes – and at one stroke his futile existence changes into an ongoing exciting adventure on the side of the World’s only Consultant Detective (Sherlock, Season 1, Episode 1, “: “I invented the job.”).

Watson does not remain Sherlock’s flatmate, he becomes his right hand and his best – and only – friend (“I do not have friends I’ve just got one.” Sherlock to Watson, Season 2, Episode 2, ).

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