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You have been duly warned.**** Everyone else, all aboard the handbasket to hell.**** Also contains a VERY NSFW/Explicit Moodboard made for me by the ever talented sansafeels in my end notes. ****An Anon on Tumblr requested (back around Halloween) a "Robb warging into Grey Wind to have sex with Sansa" fic.

At the time I declined on some sort of moral ground that I no longer seem to have.

He's been raised his whole life to be good breeding stock, but the actual process of hybrid breeding is a lot more daunting than he expected.

Though they have worked to rebuild, the threat of the forest remains.Because she's slouched with her back on the arm of the sofa she's kind of scooched down against my leg and her cunt must have been pressing against my phone when it went off because she nearly jumped out of her fucking skin.She tried not to look surprised but shot me a sort of disapproving sideways glance with a little wry smile as if she was saying 'you fucker'.What the fuck is wrong with people that they would first off do that to an animal for nothing more than video purposes, secondly that someone would video tape that without bitch slapping the person torturing the animals, and third how some sick fuck would find it somehow entertaining. I'm on the sofa facing the TV with my sister, she was sitting with her legs arched across mine and I was kind of using her knees as support to rest my adroid tab, she's sitting with her headphones on rattling away on her ipad (we've never been that close, but physical contact/hugs etc are no problem).I'm a firm believer in First amendment rights, and can deal with almost everything on this site, it makes me cringe. I get a message from one of my bro's but i'm logged out of FB so my phone in my pocket vibrates with a notification.

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