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For love or sex addicts, the consequences of their addiction can disrupt their family, work life and even sense of personal identity.It often causes extreme feelings of shame and guilt, causing depression and isolation from others.And now, the United Nations has added its influential voice to the discussion in a new report that claims, “The explosion of smart phone gay dating apps has expanded the options for casual spontaneous sex as never before,” leading to a “hidden epidemic” of HIV among young Asian males.The extensive report, which gathered data from a representative sample of young men aged 10 to 19 in the Asia-Pacific region over the course of two years, found that the number of HIV cases has spiked since the advent of mobile dating apps.Although Nick shares that he always exhibited behaviour likened to sex addiction, it was Tinder that took his addiction to a whole new level.Nick states, “Tinder was like gold to me…I could say and do as I pleased without consequence…

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These apps make claims about finding your perfect match, do they do more harm than good?

However, complete abstinence is not realistic when it comes to sex, which is why it is important to seek treatment specifically designed to treat addictions in which complete abstinence is not possible.

Especially when treated early, recovery from sex addiction through this type of treatment method is highly probable, and can help addicts avoid many of the negative effects associated with the addiction.

It can be difficult for people to identify sex addiction in them as everyone has their own drives and preferences for sex.

However, the defining feature of sex addiction is the negative consequences associated with the behaviour.

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