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“It was a very, very stressful environment, but it was good.We needed that.” Today the founders and their team are developing new features such as a recommendation system.Inspired by e Harmony and, but frustrated by the questions those sites ask users, Maalouf and Nimer worked with a Lebanese psychologist to create a personality quiz tailored to Arab cultural concerns.“[Non-Arab sites] ask you questions like, ‘What do you prefer on a woman’s body: her eyes or her boobs or her ass?Nimer needs more data to prove it, but says interactions between men and women on the site often seem to mimic real life in the Middle East.“Men will take the initiative of sending messages for many women, while a woman will be waiting for messages to answer,” says Maalouf.It’s a recipe they say results in more successful marriages.Promoting successful marriages might sound lofty, but in conservative countries like Egypt or Saudi Arabia, young singles are challenged to find a mate.

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Arab is a term used to describe the people whose native tongue is Arabic.

Similar “logic that builds Amazon’s algorithm will be used to suggest other users,” explains Nimer.

Working with Zahi Karam, an MIT-trained electrical engineer, they expect that the new function will be finalized by mid 2014.

As for the site’s impact on the cofounders’ status?

Still single but, they joke, that’s “So that we can understand our users.

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