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Vancouver residents and other Canadians were quick to shut down KJ's evaluation, accusing him of not exploring the city enough.

Some told the actor to leave the city if he thought it was so dull, but others made things personal by taking hits on KJ's acting chops.

KJ Apa might be leading the cast of one of the most popular teen dramas on TV, but it looks as though he has just made himself much less popular with his current country of residence.

The 20-year-old New Zealand native has been living in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he films his starring role as Archie Andrews for CW's hit show Riverdale.

Wholesome relationships are about building one another up, not placing one another down.

Good relationships along with your colleagues are vital in relation to each profession success and overall work/life happiness.

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Another shot back: 'KJ Apa, Archie on Riverdale, says Vancouver is "pretty boring." Dude, you’re from NZ, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.' However, not everyone thought KJ's comments were entirely out of line, with some even saying that he had described the city to a T.'You are 100% correct @kj_apa Vancouver is boring but great food,' said one, while another added: 'Just saw a show with a guy from #Riverdale saying Vancouver is boring. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan.com, the New Zealand native revealed that his romantic life is far less complicated than the love triangle that his character Archie Andrews struggles with on TV. KJ claims that his skyrocketing career has left him too swamped to spend time on a real relationship.

Do you assume that on the lookout for associates, make private relationships or in search of love with folks is difficult, requires an excessive amount of time, luck or cash?

, After all not, to search out and meet that particular somebody, you do not want any of this.

Along with FXX’s Man Looking for Girl, Maya Erskine starred as Mikki, the female lead of Amazon’s comedy series Betas.

He’s carrying all the load, though: The cast includes Eric Andre as Josh’s decide-up-artist greatest good friend, Britt Lower as his sister and Maya Erskine as his ex, but none of their characters are greater than foils.

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