Ann perkins tom haverford dating

He says that no one has showed up so far, but he has been robbed twice.

Ron discovers Tom's arranged marriage with Wendy Haverford, but agrees to keep it secret, especially after Tom discovers Ron secretly moonlights as nightclub jazz musician Duke Silver.

In "The Fight", the Parks Department comes out to The Snakehole Lounge bar for the debut of Tom's new drink "Snake Juice".

Chris forces Tom to sell his shares in the Snakehole Lounge because it conflicts with his government job, much to his disappointment.

In "Ron and Tammys", Tom tasks Ben with helping out with his grossly mismanaged new company.

Tom begins working at Entertainment 720 and offers the shoeshinest at City Hall, Andy Dwyer, a job, which Andy turns down.At the beginning of Season 3, in the episode "Go Big or Go Home", Tom is seen working at Lady Foot Locker as a sales associate while the government is shut down.When Ben Wyatt sets up a youth basketball league, Tom uses his uniform from the footwear outlet to act as the referee.He gives preferential treatment to Andy Dwyer out of jealousy that Ron Swanson is dating his ex-wife Wendy.In "Flu Season", Tom skips out on planning a presentation to small business owners for the Harvest Festival to go "spice up the spa experience" for a bunch of older gentlemen.

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