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Mr Clark told MPs: ‘Having thoroughly reviewed the proposal for Hinkley Point, we will introduce a series of measures to enhance security and will ensure Hinkley cannot change hands without the Government’s agreement.’ The Hinkley Point project will provide 7 per cent of Britain’s energy as coal is phased out and ageing nuclear plants shut.China indicated it will press ahead with funding another nuclear reactor at Sizewell, as well as pursuing plans to build and operate a new nuclear plant at Bradwell in Essex.That is an extra £30 for the average annual bill over 35 years – totalling more than £1,000 per household.And former Tory chancellor Lord Lawson said every independent energy expert believed the Hinkley project was a ‘thoroughly lousy deal’.As an immediate step, the Office for Nuclear Regulation will order operators of nuclear plants to inform it of any plans to sell significant stakes.Sources said the Government’s approach to foreign ownership of key assets would be reviewed from a national security perspective.This is expected to add up to £15 to annual electricity bills up to 2030.

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Following a review by its senior executives, energy giant EDF said the cost of the controversial project in Somerset has risen by £1.5 billion to £19.6billion.

However, she then decided to go ahead with the scheme despite serious concerns that it will saddle consumers with high bills for decades.

Many countries, including Germany, have turned their backs on nuclear power because of safety concerns in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan.

He said EDF was ‘hopelessly behind schedule’ on similar plants in France and Finland and called on ministers to pull the plug if it encountered similar problems here.

Mrs May had ordered a review in July amid security concerns over Chinese involvement and criticism of the cost.

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