Amanda seyfried dating les miserables cast

“When we all sing ‘One More Day,’ I honestly don’t know how I’m not going to cry! It was like half my life that I dreamed about this and I never had any expectations of it coming true,” she told Access. ” The film also stars Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean), Samantha Barks (Eponine), Russell Crowe (Javert), Eddie Redmayne (Marius), Aaron Tveit (Enjolras), Anne Hathaway (Fantine) and Helena Bonham Carter (Madame Thenardier.) The big screen version of “Les Miserables” is slated for release in December.

Amanda is confident that she can tackle the challenging role and music – and doesn’t care too much about any detractors she might have out there.

I realize that I am scratching at big ideas and leaving quite a few large subjects untouched.

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Not because of a poor person’s disease or anything, but if she hadn’t been poor, then she wouldn’t have been out on the street, running messages to Marius on Cosette’s behalf. As though a Cosette with a little spunk or sass might suddenly be morally flawed and not worth saving.

ceremony to perform songs from their nominated flick.

[on singing] Sometimes, I would sing around the house for two hours straight, but I didn't want anyone to hear me up close.

I’ve been trained to distrust morally simple characters and to doubt the appeal of a girl who gets locked in a fancy house then married off to the first rich fella she meets.

To me, that seems like a recipe for loneliness, hidden behind the sheen of fiscal and moral success.

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