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“We got to build ourselves as adult artists, transitioning in a really graceful way” said AJ, “which I think is really important, instead of rushing into adulthood.

Everything we write has God at the center or inside of it.” AJ: “It’s so exciting.

Amanda (AJ) Michalka stars in the new Christian film, Grace Unplugged, playing a young Christian woman named Gracie Trey who rebels against her father and his ideas for her role in the worship services at church.

She has worked ever since, appearing on TV and now in the movies in films like Super 8 and Secretariat.Their mother realized how strong her girls’ passion was for performing and realized that it was instilled by God and both parents decided to be supportive of their daughters’ dream. That’s when AJ started landing roles on TV and gaining opportunities in the business as did her sister.“She knew that you can stay sane going into anything if you have this rock solid relationship with the Lord and your family.” So they started at an acting workshop in Washington and eventually moved back to L. They got to use their musical talents and they signed a record deal.I’ve just totally learned, you know what, it’s not up to me– it’s up to Him.So I’m just going with it as He moves me around this board game.” AJ said she took away a blessing in that she was able to witness to people while doing Grace Unplugged. Silverman was a great experience and mostly, touching even non-believers who enjoyed the film.

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