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Last but not the least, having been a regular on mobilefun, i love the quick, easy service provided by them & their packaging.

It is really easy to track the item to its delivery. I especially loved the way in which it is packed, a nice solid box, a nice little circular headphone holder & 5 sets of earbuds!

Specifications: United States Postal Service - .49 A low cost, reliable shipping service, suitable for your less urgent orders. Orders sent using this method usually get delivered in 4-6 business days.

DHL Express Shipping - .99 A fast, secure and reliable service shipped by DHL delivered in 2-3 business days.

Doesn't sound like it is.alzamabar, thers the new motnerboards comming out with a mini-linux install built into the bios.

:) you can fast boot to a mini-linux os and do things.

Normally with Windows I get a CD with the motherboard drivers for audio and video, but with Ubuntu I can't.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a motherboard with native support for Ubuntu?

Aeonoris: My experiences if you do hibernate is that it causes problems between the two (files not saving when you switch back to Windows, not seeing the partitions at all, etc), so I didn't know if it was similar.

You might try running fdisk on the drive to see if you can see them.

I had a similar issue with an external hard drive that got formatted NTFS and had to repair the partition table to use it on Linux.anyone able to get Ossv4 XFI drivers to work with Flash?

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