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Sometimes, the universe needs a boot to the head, so the time has come to give Fate a swift kick in the rear.

(This is not a mixed metaphor, as the world clearly has its head up its ass these days.) Thus, I send up this flare; it is yours to smother or let illuminate.

Those stories are the foundation of “Con Man,” which features Tudyk as the (fictional) star of a (fictional) tragically-canceled sci-fi show. They basically say, “There’s a record, we won’t tell you what it is, but we’ll let you know if you break it.” And then they told us we broke it. 1 show named “Con Man.” [laughs] But they were excited about the record, so we’ll take it. At conventions, there’ll be someone who doesn’t get it. They’re looking for allies in their moping and depression and attacks and they’re not going to find one here. People are fanatical about something that you were in. It was really nice to get together and work together. I think it’s probably more inappropriate to say that. Is that something that you guys came up with or is that from Vimeo? We didn’t want to release 10 minutes a week or anything like that. FILLION: We basically release it in a way we personally would like it to be released, if we were watching.

who has an ambivalent relationship with the genre that’s made him vaguely famous. FILLION: There are a few actors at conventions who I’ve met, and my response is always, “Where would you rather be? Where else can you go and be a rock star for a week? It’s really amazing to see Alan, my buddy the actor, in the role of creator/writer/director. TUDYK: And also, it gives us an opportunity to finish all the digital effects from the last few episodes.

Fans have often asked for a reboot of “Firefly,” but my character [SPOILER ALERT FOR “SERENITY”] — is dead. This is one way that I can get a new spaceship and fly it with Nathan as the captain. That was the biggest expense on “Firefly” and “Serenity.” We didn’t have that much money to spend. One spaceship is pretty much like another when it comes to flying.

So ours cost 0,000, it’s a little different in that way.

Despite a recent increase in well-meaning suggestions that I try online dating, I am still not interested. My friends DO have a point: the internet is a powerful tool. This is my version of dating online: Dear Alan Tudyk, I am done waiting; let’s do this.

After more than a decade writing comedy in Los Angeles, I have a practical Ph D in enduring bullshit with patience and grace.

But I came to love and accept you for your many realities – even naked (and still blonde) shouting drug-fueled exultations from a rooftop.

If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. Scroll down and check out his short and/or medium blonde hairstyles & haircuts.

Alan was born in March 16, 1971 and now he is with the age 44 years old.

My naked heart climbed out that window and declared its love right back!

By then, this inferno had burned for a decade, and I was committed for life.

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