When I first started Photography in 1951 I though there was just 'photography' -- I did not see past taking family occasions with everyone standing in the back garden, mainly because the family Kodak Autographic was brought out only about twice a year for 'Big Occasions'.It needed the influence of 'Ricardo' in the Amateur Photographer Magazine ( price 1 shilling) to show me there was an artistic side to this photography lark-- he used to draw lines on readers' photos, following the lines of Composition and was always wanting a mountain moved a hundred yards to the right !Brian Lau is stumbling through being an ‘adult’, camera pressed firmly to his face.Golden and grain-soaked, his photo-stories encapsulate smoky nights and heady afternoons.Other methods used to produce a 'Pictorial' result are:1.


We might not be geniuses, but looking around at our peers, our families …

If there was a dearth of Nuns or Priests, a Black Cat would do, provided it had its tail up with the tip slightly curled......

The word 'Pictorial' is used in photography to define the style of image produced where there is evidence of Artistic Interpretation of the subject matter by the photographer.

the supposed “adults” who wanted us to have everything figured out… This year – or, more specifically, this summer – my closest friend, Henry, and I, have decided to take this realisation as a good thing.

I’ve found once you let go of these romantic projections, you stop feeling the need to present yourself in an untruthful way.

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