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None of those kids actually died because none of them actually lived.It showed many film cuts of individual white people, young and old, taking aim with their rifles from a standing position, while the narrator droned on about protecting rights and freedoms.Kilimnik is as radioactive as Chernobyl right after the meltdown.Seth Abramson says that if Manafort flips, Trump goes down soon after.Of course, I don't buy into the "false flag" scenario, but it's interesting to me that when Obama was in office, and Sandy Hook happened, it was his administration that got blamed for carrying out the "false flag" attack.Now that Republicans control the government, who exactly is responsible now in this theory, and if not Republicans than how, exactly did "leftists" or the "deep state" manage to do it without getting exposed by the sitting [email protected] - 4) In the highly militarised society that is Israel, those who enjoy using guns to murder people get satiated by taking up their many chances to do it when they're wearing army uniform.Unfortunately, I was busy yesterday when the Alex Van Der Zwaan indictment went down.

It's up to you to inform the world that the shooter was programmed by subliminal Satanic messages and chemicals in the drinking water! And those students on TV, the ones asking for stricter gun laws...?

Basically it's about preparing their base for civil war. Insulting the parents of massacred children by calling them "crisis actors" is so obscene that if this crazed president joins those who are doing it, who knows, it could be a pivotal time.

The NRA has become an extremist right wing, Russian funded advocate for armed insurrection. That's if there are still grounds for retaining hope.

Abramson wrote the text after the asterisks; afterward, I'll be back with a parting thought.

Per NBC, Trump has told friends he'd be in trouble if Paul Manafort "flipped" on him—clearly signaling that Manafort can incriminate him and get him impeached.

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