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(By the way, we’ve also addressed changing your name (or not) when you get married (and divorced), gender-neutral name problems, and hyphenated names in email addresses.) First of all, as someone with the name Katina (often misread as “Katrina”) and the nickname Kate (sometimes mistaken for “Katie”), as well as an “ethnic” last name: I can certainly relate (and so can Kat, as she pointed out in the original post).I’m guessing that for most of you who’ve dealt with this problem, being called the wrong name is simply due to coworkers’ innocent mistakes, and not passive-aggressive behavior from, perhaps, a difficult boss — although we’ll address that too.

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Note that this strategy only works in certain limited situations.The death is included in Nuwer’s Wrongs of Passage.See also article below from Berkshire eagle dated Nov.Le modèle des biens communs, qui entraîne le contrôle par la communauté ou des actions réciproques par des individus, semble le moins courant; il a pourtant des possibilités intéressantes pour aborder certains problèmes.Robert Healy is Professor of Environmental Policy in the School of the Environment, Duke University (Durham NC 27708-0328, USA).

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