Adult 3g video phone chat

In fact, a new report from Giga OM Pro’s Alfred Poor and Michael Wolf estimates that by 2015 video chat will grow from just under 600 million video calls to 30 billion, helped in part by the growth from video chatting via mobile phones. The New World of Consumer Visual Communications” (sub req’d) explains how ubiquitous high speed broadband connections and low-cost and integrated webcams make it easy for consumers to connect not just with voice, but with video.

For example, I’ve written how my dad no longer wants to talk to me, when he could video chat instead, and Skype CEO Josh Silverman, Cisco (s csco) and even Logitech are placing their bets on video calls becoming a bigger presence in people’s lives for work and play.

Video chats take up far more bandwidth than a voice call depending on the quality, and both wireline and wireless operators are concerned about how that traffic may affect their networks.

On wireline networks, caps, tiered pricing plans and network management tactics that slow broadband during times of congestion or during certain hours could hinder video chat.

Long gone are the days when you can fob off a child with your second-hand phone.

These days they know more about tech than most adults, and they want the best of the best just as you do.

The report anticipates 3.2 million consumers will complete video chats via their mobiles in 2010 (after the i Phone 4G, Skype is releasing a Nokia N900 video chat client) and expects that to reach 142.9 million by 2015.

For Internet Service Providers, the growth of video chat is both a source of concern and possible extra revenue.

Here we round up what we think are some of the best phones for kids, those that blend value with ease of use, strong build and, importantly, enough power to play the latest games and watch You Tube. While we wouldn't advise paying flagship prices on the very best phones, we do recognise that some parents will be prepared to dig deep.

Both platforms are equally suited to children in the respect that they can be locked down so that your child accesses only what you want it to.

Read our advice on the best parental control software.

Whether you choose to go down the i Phone- or Android route will largely depend on your budget, what your child is used to, and how loudly they scream.

Most i Phones will be well over budget for a child, but it is still possible to buy older models such as the i Phone 5s secondhand.

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