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More than 3 million was swindled in 2002 from U. residents through wire transfer fraud to Canada alone, according to a survey conducted by investigators in seven states.

Washington was one of 10 states that negotiated an .5 million settlement with Western Union.

(Note: Some in-by-the-tenth banks offer this privilege only on a quarterly basis.

It is crucial to monitor the fluctuating, foreign exchange rates closely and be well-informed of all transfer fees before initiating a money transfer to India.

Most of the settlement would fund a national program to counsel consumers against telemarketing fraud.

In addition to the money, the company has agreed to increase fraud awareness at more than 50,000 locations, develop a computer program that would spot likely fraud-induced transfers before they are completed and block transfers from specific consumers to specific recipients when the company receives fraud information from state authorities.

Best use: Backup for American Express or Western Union if large amounts of cash are needed. If they do, they will hold the funds until the check clears, often a week or more (related to send money information).

Postal Service money orders and certified or cashier's checks can also be used. Speaking of money, does western union accept american express?

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