21 year old virgin dating

I haven't known her that long, but our personalities, tastes, beliefs, hobbies, etc. This leads me to take her quite seriously as a candidate for a very serious long-term relationship.

I realized recently that for the first time I'm reaching a phase of life where I both desire such a thing AND am capable of it.

He always wanted it, I mean I like sex, its great, with the right person, perhaps that should have clued me in, but I digress. I'm hoping there are a lot of virgin females in my age bracket out there. It's certainly not "odd," I think it's admirable, which I why I seek that same trait in a partner. Of course, this is coming from someone who came of age in the late '60's so I think anybody who is still a vigin at that age probably has some major malfunction. She has not had sex with the men she has known before you, but why does this mean that she isn't interested in you?

But if it wasn't the right time, or for whatever reason, I wasn't in the mood, he would rant and rave how I had taken his virginity and now it was my fault because he wanted it all the time. Even after it was over, it was still my fault and blah blah blah. And if shes still a virgin, theres probably a reason why. Find out why shes still a virgin, and proceed with caution. Assuming she is reasonably attractive, I would think you may have to sidestep some big landmines to get to her. She obviously does not get round heels at the first sign of interest, give it a chance, it might just be worth the wait.

My friend didn't realize what it meant to be The One, and because they hadn't talked about the implications, he ended up in a situation where the woman made the assumption that marriage was the obvious way to go.

Needless to say, they broke up, but my friend still feels badly that he didn't realize how seriously she took it, and that in not realizing, managed to not only make his own life miserable, but also left her in a situation that compromised her own religious views. Im unclear on how her virgin status factors into the equation.

Lizard , yep I have, even virgins older than that.....

How do you find out she is a virgin if you barely know her & are unsure of the dating status? To answer some of the most common questions: 1- I know she is a vigin because she said she was, and I have no reason to think she's lieing.(is that how you spell that?

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The word of advice that I would give you is this: IF her reasons for remaining a virgin are moral/religious, please make sure that you share her moral/religious views.

When I found my husband, I knew I could trust him, and of course, by that time I was terribly tired of being an "old virgin".

All I can say is go slow and make damned sure she's prepared if you do go the distance. That's the most important thing, both in waiting for the right time, and when the right time comes.

I imagine, however, it came up some place between the two poles established, so how did she broach the subject? (If you have to ask...) Or, she may be waiting for just the right person.

Maybe she's never been in love, and is waiting for that.

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    Above all, keep the tone light and maintain open lines of communication.

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