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The wooden houses at the beginning of the Utrechtse weg were built inside the military zone, on condition that they could be set on fire in wartime. cross the the main road (N236), and turn left along it. The routes are not signposted by destination, but from number to number. Follow the cycle sign for Hilversum (and junction 39).

continue parallel to the Vecht, passing the two main windmills of Weesp, De Eendracht and De Vriendschap. At each junction the simple signs indicate neighbouring numbers, and there is usually a map of the network. pass a small car park, go on along the cycle path, which then follows the shore of a lake, .

Pass new housing, and then the Amsterdam Science Park. after the small run-down houses, follow the LF20a signs, turn left, and then right, onto the dike of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.

cycle on along the canalside road, under the A10 ring motorway bridge, and under a new cycle bridge. at the 19th-century redbrick house, nr 553, you leave Amsterdam. pass right the 1990’s housing of Diemen-Noord, then a park (converted farmland).

about 50 m before the arched rail bridge, turn right, follow the sign for Almere/Weesp.

Cycle up to the embankment, and make a U-turn to the bridge.

at the next corner, turn left across the lifting bridge, to continue along the riverside road. continue along Nieuwstraat, and pass the late-mediaeval church of Weesp, built 1462. The water here, and the grassed mounds, are the moat and bastions of fortified Weesp.

turn second right into Slijk straat, at cafe Het Wapen van Weesp. The town first belonged to the Prince-Bishopric of Utrecht, but was later conquered by the Counts of Holland.

The description matters: unlike most cycle routes, these have a political, social, and urban perspective. Amsterdam Cycle Route 4: docklands, heritage villages, newest suburb Through gentrified docklands and interwar housing, along the Amsterdam-Rhine canal and heritage villages, returning through Amsterdam’s newest suburb, IJburg. This is an all-day cycle route across the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to Zyfflich, the nearest place in Germany.Continue under the new arched bridge, linking IJburg to the A1 motorway.pass under the triple-girder motorway bridge, and then another motorway bridge (opened 2016), and continue along the canal bank, to the bridge.after the zoo, at the end of Plantage Midden laan, go on across two bridges.From the second bridge, turn left, following the cycle sign for Diemen.

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